Celebrating our client's success

Formerly Laid-Off Worker

Jaslyn’s Story

“I learned that my company would be moving from California to Denver. I wasn’t prepared for the rapidly changing job market. I needed new skills to navigate the new world of recruiters, social media networking and resume screening.

The support I received from the WIOA team was positive and encouraging. I felt empowered and more confident about the possibilities ahead. I have now accepted a job and will also receive a certificate in Project Management with the help of the WIOA team to further my career.

The WIOA program helped me clarify what I wanted for the next chapter of my life, pinpoint the necessary skills and requirements for my desired career, overcome feelings of low self-confidence about my skills, and presenting myself in interviews effectively to showcase my skills and experience in a confident manner.”


Future Force Participant Success!

Sebastian’s Story

“I didn’t have money or resources to go to a proper college to get my certification to become an Electrician. The WIOA program helped me to pay for my training but it also helped me find a school to quickly get my certification and begin my career. My Case Manager was very helpful, supportive, and resourceful.

I was able to get all my questions answered and felt supported throughout the process of earning my certificate. I have completed my training, and now I have my certification to begin my career as an Electrician and my family has encouraged me to keep going in this direction. I’m very happy with the outcome.”

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