Helping you meet your workforce needs

Atsushi Maekawa, Food Safety Manager at Semifreddi’s (Alameda, CA)

“My hiring team has been very fortunate to work closely with the Alameda County Workforce [Development] Board over the past year. They have connected us with other employment partners, like Rubicon, to help spread the word on job opportunities at my bakery. We are so grateful for their relentless effort to connect ‘candidates with companies’ and to also provide useful webinars and other tools to better equip our hiring efforts during these challenging times.”


Monica Dorris of SAS Automotive

“The Alameda County Workforce Development Board (ACWDB) has assisted with many job fairs, provided me recruiting assistance, sourced and provided us qualified candidates, and even educated and informed me of many other programs that provided even more value to my company. I can truly say that all of this support came from highly trained professionals, who truly love their jobs, and made working with them and the programs a joy! I regularly refer the programs to my colleagues. Great programs and a great mission to assist employers with providing jobs to job seekers.”